As a former Assistant District Attorney with more than 23 years of experience handling criminal cases, William W. Wheeler, Jr. has the expertise and knowledge to effectively analyze your case and work with you to prepare an effective defense strategy.

Whether you are facing criminal charges for the first time, or you have been through this process before, it is important that your criminal case be handled successfully. Whether you are trying to keep a spotless record clean, or trying to avoid a prison sentence, there is much at stake. Generally, the more serious the offense, the more likely that even a first conviction could result in jail or prison. This is especially true if the defendant has a prior criminal record. Regardless of what charge you are facing, your criminal attorney must analyze the evidence against you, and develop any defense evidence you might have in order to accurately tell you whether you will likely be convicted or not at trial. In other cases, routinely, people are falsely accused of crimes. Naturally in such a case, your attorney’s goal is to have your case dismissed or, to have your case dismissed at trial. In other cases, the District Attorney’s case may be unbeatable, and the evidence against you may be overwhelming. In that instance, you will probably need an effectively negotiated plea agreement. In still other cases, there will be “shades of grey” and the potential outcome at trial of your case will be uncertain. Given the circumstances, a crucial part of effective representation is to help the accused decide whether a jury trial or a plea agreement is the best route. The stronger your defense case, the stronger your negotiating position is with the District Attorney before trial. More importantly, in cases where the accused is at risk of losing based on the evidence, effective representation can often “control the damage” by getting the District Attorney to agree to a reasonable outcome.

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