An expungement is a sealing of public record, usually a criminal arrest or conviction record. A criminal record can keep you from getting a job, renting an apartment or home (especially in public housing) or getting or keeping public benefits, like food stamps or disability benefits. Oklahoma law allows for expungements in some cases. You may be eligible to have your criminal conviction or arrest record expunged. In Oklahoma, there are different ways to expunge criminal records. All are found in the Oklahoma Statutes in Title 22, Criminal Procedure.

CONVICTION AND ARREST RECORDS (Section 18 Expungement): A “Section 18” expungement seals both the immediate court record and the OSBI arrest records. The OSBI record will contain only your identifying information (name, address, etc.).

IDENTITY THEFT (Section 19a): A “Section 19a” expungement is used when someone has been the victim of identity theft and arrested or charged as result of the identity theft.

EXPUNGEMENT OF A VICTIM’S PROTECTIVE ORDER (Section 60.18): A “Section 60.18 expungement under Oklahoma law is for Victim Protective Orders.

DEFERRED OR DELAYED SENTENCES (Section 991(c) EXPUNGEMENT: A “991c” expungement is available for a deferred sentence, if all conditions of the deferred sentence have been met. The “991c” expungement will seal only the immediate court records. The OSBI arrest record will reflect “plead not guilty, case dismissed” where the charge is recorded.

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